Let yourself out
of predefined fake limits

Day by day human's life gets faster and faster. Templates spread among all branches of community life and become one of the key features of our time.

They help a lot not to get lost in a daily rush and handle routine in a simple way: “Just apply template to get it done”.

But world is not about some plain or nested templates and the further it goes, the less intellectual it becomes.

Yes, this way seems smart and simple, but it's the opposite of flexibility. And we all know, that flexibility is the key to human evolution.

Game is the time to relax, to switch activity type and to discover the unknown. The person can really dive deep into fantasy, action, logic, go to wherever it leads to, away from plain set of average templates.

What shine so bright?

We truly appreciate open bright mind, that is ready to accept new, ready to get out of the comfort zone to become a doer, get things done, analyze, optimize (wisely).

But the key value is the ability to create shiny brand new things, that have never existed before.

So, if you are passionate about creating, inventing, improving, we are on the same page, on the same line.

Jump over the sky

The goal is to make the difference, give inspiring, nonlinear flow in our games, art, stories, to motivate and to provide neither questions nor answers, but the desire to know, to be curious, suspicious like small children usually do.

The aim is so high and so far, that it's even hard to see, but easy to feel: jump higher than possible, to evolve together with everybody, who ready to leave warm swarm of ready-to-use knowledge and to make steps and leaps toward success.

Being unique.
Collaborating together...

We are friendly, passionate and creative. We are all different and that makes us see more than single one ever could.

Sometimes decisions are clear and obvious, and sometimes they are not. Being ready to hear one another and to accept different opinions is what makes us the team.

Artists, Developers, Designers, Management: being ready to think and do out of limited boxes - that what makes us AMRITA STUDIO Team.

Join us.

Amrita Studio is the place, where all the things around inspire and encourage you to set ambitious goals and to achieve them. We provide fair, competitive salary and vast opportunities to grow.

So if you are open-minded, creative and you are:

> Digital artist

> Game Designer

> Unity3d, C#

> 3d Modeler

> DevOps

Feel free to contact us and join our team