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In Girls and Guys, you have to help the owner of the hotel to develop her business. After all, in each new room someone will live. And this is the possibility to make a new acquaintance and the possibility to become a part of a new story.

About this game

"Girls and Guys" is a simple clicker, which is made primarily to distract the player from the daily routine and give him the opportunity to forget about everyday problems. There are no difficult riddles, puzzles, or levels that require specific skills in the game. This is a game for relaxation. And yet there are many interesting stories in it. The player can communicate with hotel guests, make friends with them and move on to more and more interesting conversations. People continue to play Girls and Guys exactly to become part of these stories.


Girls and Guys is designed for iOs and Android mobile devices. In total, more than 1,118,000 users are already playing it.

We achieve such results because we always put our souls in the game we make, we work out each character, creating a really interesting story for him. Each of our games is not just a mechanic. It is the consolidation of many exciting stories. Create stories with us.


  • The ability to tap different rooms where you can meet a new interesting girl.
  • Acquaintance with interesting girls and even the possibility of spying at them to see something interesting.
  • The opportunity to learn more about the person you are interested in, tapping photos and full information about her, and even collect a puzzle about the character and habits of a cute girl just for a click like tycoon.
  • The simplicity and adventure of the adult game. The whole gameplay is easy and interesting, and the auto tapper interface is designed in such a way that it is convenient and easy for you to play.
  • The opportunity to have fun and cheerfully spend time, playing cool clicker games with girls, and even practice communicating with virtual ladies.
  • Buying many full upgrades, extensions that will allow you to improve the hotel and thereby help the hostess make her favorite place better.



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Girls & Guys