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Jane's Story: Design Adventure


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Play the exciting Match-3 game "Jane's story: design adventure" and accompany Jane on the road from aspiring designer to the world’s famous professional, travel the world, discover new locations, designs and styles, furniture and accessories, and disclose a talented designer inside yourself...

About this game

The gameplay of "Jane's story: design adventure" is based on the popular Match-3 mechanic (three in a row), combined with the captivating storyline of the main character Jane. Players are interested in how the game will develop. They want to discover new opportunities and travel around the game world, which means that “Jane’s story” lingers on the mobile devices of our users for a long time. Besides, the game has amazing graphics, which our users frequently reflect in their warm reviews.


The game "Jane's story: design adventure" is developed for mobile devices on iOS and Android, and has a very high rating on both the App Store and Google Play. In total, more than 431,000 users are already playing it.

We achieve such high results because we place our souls within each project, creating fascinating worlds that are fun to explore. Each of our games is an exciting story that you want to spend your life in. Create stories with us.


- Create a personalized hotel design in your favorite style.

- Collaborate with creative characters to design your dream hotel.

- Explore a large number of hotels and locations.

- Win the exciting levels with lots of catchy boosters and generous bonuses.

Discover and use your designer gift in the fascinating and romantic world of Jane's Story!



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