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In the game "Riddlord: The Consequence" you will find logic puzzles, alchemical transformations, an intricate detective plot and mysterious secrets that will accompany you throughout the game. Are you ready to start this journey?

About this game

Riddlord: The Consequence is a mysterious detective puzzle (Escape room) with stunning 3D graphics. Players, moving from location to location, will solve various puzzles and put together, like puzzles, a picture of the incident in a tangled story. An intriguing plot and really interesting and challenging puzzles literally captures every player. This is not only about curiosity, but also about the challenge at each new level. The game challenges the mental and logical abilities of the players. And as a reward, they gain not only the development of the plot or solve another piece of the mystery within the whole story, but they also get satisfaction from the solution of a real detective story. Therefore, the game "Riddlord: The Consequence" keeps the player’s attention till the very end.


“Riddlord: The Consequence” is designed for mobile and PCs. In total, more than 450,000 users are already playing it, taking into account the fact that the game is designed for a relatively narrow target audience.

We achieve such high results because we place our souls within each project, creating fascinating worlds that are fun to explore. Each of our games is not just a mechanic. It is an interesting unique world. Create worlds with us.


- Beautiful graphics
- Detective-mystical atmosphere
- Charming music
- Interesting puzzles of different levels (including those associated with the "Zodiac" and "Real Night Hunter")
- The plot is the common thread of two parts of this game, that will force you to focus on main character’s fate and your own life
- Details of the world that help to better understand and imbue with the game
- The connection between the plot and the gameplay with the ancient mystical and philosophical systems, such as the I-ching and the tantric alchemy

To complete this game, you will need to mobilize your logic, spatial thinking, memory, observation, ingenuity, and assiduity. The fate of Jack Reed and his son is in your hands!

No chance to fail!



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